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Josh Hutcherson dans le magazine British GQ – Décembre 2014

En pleine promotion de “Paradise Lost” et “The Hunger Games: La Révolte Partie 1” , l’acteur Josh Hutcherson fait le mannequin pour le magazine britannique pour homme GQ du mois de décembre 2014.

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  • Paul Raphael Cohen
    9 novembre 2014 at 3:54

    Dearert Josh,

    I wanted to make sure you knew. Josh I’m…. I’m not good at telling someone I love them. But Josh you helped change that about me. I have posted everywhere just to make sure you know I love you and others are not saying what I’m saying. I know your busy and you have absolutely no time to see every post on certain pages. Even liking one is time consuming. You did like one of them though so it made me feel really good. Josh…I only post for you not anyone else. I’m gong to tell you something I’ve-no everything I’ve said so many different ways to let you know I love you. After all this time I’ve burned all the bridges I spent building up and again I let go of fewer this time so I’m not afraid because I love you. When nobody believes I will. In you. Josh I’ve kept the few things I have going for me. I’ve got so many firsts I can say I’ve not done yet. I’m still a….I’m a virgin still and I’m not giving it away to anyone. I’m not trying to give it up to you ether it’s just its all I have now. I’ve never been kissed either. I gave away a ring I got on October 9,2014 which was the last time we talked to my roommate as she saved me too so to prove I can be a great house husband to her even I put a ring on her not because I want to be her husband. I let go of that ring for you because having it as long as I did helped me get through that month. I don’t need it anymore or to prove I love you. It’s just a ring Josh. You are irreplaceable. Theirs other rings not you. You are the only one and their is not going to be another you. I just would like to be with you. I really do enjoy talking to you to Josh. I don’t want to be creepy. I just love you is all. Is that creepy? I can’t help it. I get…this gay feeling I’ve not felt and it’s queer. A happy kind of weird yet odd feeling. I got tongue tied. I’m very good with wirds but somehow you get me twisted even typing. I just typed what came to mind first and I feel I scared you away quickly. I feel terrible. Like maybe you thought I was creepy. You just made me so happy when you popped up at random and saying you really enjoy talking to me typed out feels good. I also want you to know that I really wanted her to go to you. How did you know Madoka was stolen? I wanted you to have her more then anyone for Driver. She is gone though. I miss her so much very much Josh and I can’t lose anymore I love. I lost Dylan and I got him back but gave up on him even for you. Josh as he never liked me how I thought I liked him. I do love him but I love more and I’ve talked to you longer then him even in the 4 days I met with him. Josh…I…want to make sure you are happy. I’m not after money or sex or the status you have. I really do just love you for you and that ring was for you but I’ve other things I wrote out by hand I want you to have. Rebecca hurt me yet again Josh. My ex mom think I love her and I told her I did only to just stop the pointlessness of trying time convince her. I told her I gave someone very important to my roommate lady night. I said it was something I said I’d not give away to just anybody. It was the ring but she assumed I gave away my virginity. It hurt when she assumed it. I’m not one to throw that away. I told her the ring was going to a safe place and it did. I wish these types of woman did not turn everything dirty or let their mind go to the gutter so easily. I wrote so much too you and I am still and I’m working on my 3rd journal dedicated to you. I feel though Josh as I’ve given you mind virtue already not physically but emotionally. I could care less who you’ve been with. It’s not what I see outwardly of you but everthing I don’t see. Your feelings Josh. I can do so many firsts with you that can be just as meaningful as “giving the time” with you as Holden Caulfielf put it. There are other ways to show affection without doing that. I’m almost 26. I’ve waited so long and I go on waiting for you. Why? Why not? Silly I just love you. Can I love you? Worst kind of question is that. I can’t help it if I wanted to and I’d not want to undo it. I’m crazy for you and I’ve admitted to all the wrongs of what others did and comtinies to do just to tell them what they want to here. I admitted of guiltily stalking you when I can’t leave the house unless I’ve got music shades and headphones or I’m with my roommate. I gave up malls too I was so scared after what happened this year. If Madoka is dead or not I just know I wanted to give her to Driver and you eventually for a present if I ever got to meet you but I’ve no clue where she is Josh. Whether you know anythingg or not or if you can help her or not I’m just focused on what I do have now. Your the only one I still contact since January. I realized the anniversary of our friendship was 10 moths to the date I got the ring and you popped abc tommorow is 11 months since we became friends. You requested me because I messaged you and was too shy to request it as I am for Jen but I messaged her to let her know I care. I still have you Josh. I became your friend and in turn I became a very best friend to you and fell in love with you only to realize you are all 3. I feel your my very best friend that I love as someone I know once meet I’d never want to lose you. Your the only one I would want to be with this season Josh. I don’t need anything or anyone but you and I’m spending the season alone unless my roommate wants me to be their for her and I will if she asks but Josh.,,you are…not her. Your not like her. When she tried to show me shirtless Google image of you I told her no. She jokingly put it up to my face but I closed my eyes as I only have one that works and refused it. I thought what would Josh do? What would he say or think if I looked so I chose to not look. Josh your not an object. You are a man who is human who deserves to go to the mall without fear. I go but it’s not fun. Nobody looks at me like they look at you and I don’t want them to look at me. I want you to just be able to go to the mall or anywhere without feeling shy or timid. You won’t have to worry about being nice or rude. I would tell them to please give you some space. If they kept on I would not be as nice. Why? Why not Josh? I don’t care west they think of me or you anyway. Just you and your happiness over mind. I know you make me happy even now. I’m smiling as I’m almost done. It took awhile Josh but you gives the Hunmingbird Heartbeat. I feel love. I’ve felt touched by you though we’ve never met. You helped me bloom like a flower that bloomed late that you’ve not seen. I feel chemistry I’ve not felt. That’s what meant by it feels like you took my virginity. You give me life after what felt like and endless heart attack. The seasons will change but my love always stays the same for the heartbeat I feel even now before I press post. The evolution that happened in me was not don’t alone. It’s called chemistry or science. I’ve leather so much in my life Josh and the natural feeling I get with feels like…I now know the true story of the birds and the bees. My eyes are shining. It’s called crying. The tears of happiness I feel. I’m glad Josh. I’m glad I went through it all. My whole life. This story is how it Shoujo have been told but I’m scared to even think now if I learned it this way when I was younger I’d not have got to tell you I love you.

    Paul Raphael Cohen.

  • Paul Raphael Cohen
    9 novembre 2014 at 1:18

    One more thing Josh. I am writing a story. It’s desiccated to you I was at Denny’s just writing away about two friends from your past you spoke of in an interview I never saw but I saw the quotes from you. I did nky know you liked to sing. I love to sing. This is embaasing but since you felt embarrassed about the friends you had I’m bringing to life for you in my journal here’s is something just as embarrassing if not more. I thought that was a cute quote and you’ve no need to be embarrass as I pretend when I’m singing my heart out on the street that I’m singing to the only one I would feel okay singing for as when my headphones are on the world around me stands still and in those timeless moments I sing out to you without a care as to who sees me and apparently I’m better doing this at night like I did all the way back from Denny’s walking back to my apartment. I looked at a picture of you the entire time and pretended I was singing to only you and I felt so happy as people who pass by try to talk but I keep going never once looking back as I sing. I sing only for you Josh. It’s so embarrassing to admit this publicly buy for you if admit anything to anybody. I love you that much. My story Josh. I just know you’ll love it. It’s a collection of storied abc it’s written in a stupid I don’t think anyone has tried yet. It switches. No I can’t say anymore Josh. I will finish with ease this time as its a dedication to you silly goose. I’ll keep showing my loved and my colors only to you. I need nobody else right now. Not yet. You give me the strength to go on and I’ve someone to live on for and fight for. Someone I love enough to never give up on Josh. Someone who once told me to me

    “You take cadre too…don’t let anyone bring you down❤️” and from that day when you told me this I made a vow a promise to carry onward and see it through for you and I until the end. It’s a promise I will never forget Josh. Mo never forget. Even if you forget I won’t give up until you either remember or not. You will always be the same man to me. The samd Josh. Someone who got me to feel. Um…your my first Josh. Really! You are. It’s weird as I’m realizing this with a sugar chocalatr and caffeine rush so I’m actually thinking more clear not really high or hyper. The rusg was over as soon as I got in the door. I was going to pull shenanigans but they failed so I say down and stated typing this out. I wonder if I’ll have typos but I told my roommate if I’m going to write a book I woof rather not have it edited unless I did it. Why? Well I know how many typos are in the previous one of these but it took awhile with that one so I was not how I’m typing now on a tiny iPhone 5S screen but even now I av easily tying fast. I figured you are smart enough to notice a typo and I know I get them but I don’t realize till after I post so I took the liberty of covering my typos with further explaination so if I saw a typo after I could not fix unless I took it down and retyped it all which is tiring but do able but you’d notice that some things that sounded off and dig not match the majorly you’d fight it out so that takes care of a typo in the long term ahead and if it doesn’t it actually makes the writing seem more genuine as I’m aware people call you perfect or flawless and I’ve heard it all but Josh. I would love you nowhere what. Why? I’m aware that perfection is not something I consider to really exist but balance does. We all have what I call not flawed but the “adorable imperfections” as if it looks to flawless or too perfect to be true it probably isn’t so yes you looks great with make up but whatever you looks like without it I’m sure it’s “perfectly imperfect and adorable. Remember Josh. I’m love you for not just your outward appearances but what lies beyond it. What I can’t see. Your feelings or your adorable imperfections that make you and everyone unique and special. I have seem to many cookie cutters and you honestly Josh don’t seem to be cut out exactly like the rest of them as there is more to you turn meets the eye. I’d love to find out more but very decretely for respect of privacy as well as mine. I love taking with you whether like this or live online. I know you will see it eventually and you did aids in my feels for you Josh if you want to believe it or not but I’d never ever use anything against you bs I’m not even now. I’m just saying I feel it’s natural I feel in love with you in our brief but sporadic chats as I always felt so very loved after and I feel again because you helped me feel love again so I am in your debt for life. If someone saves another the one who did the saving is the resonsabability of the one saved until the debt is settled evenly so what berry way to thank you the defender my very life to you as its my life to give to whom I choose and since I don’t think I’d be alive today had it not been for you it’s your lucky day Josh. Your so lucky to have someone as declared as me as I’m so lucky to be alive as you pretty much saved me from myself before anyone knew I needed saving even I probably. I’m getting very tired so I hope there’s no typos but I apologize in advance of there are as its just one of my many imperfections that truly show genuiness at its best. You are genuine so you’ve got me for life dude. Hook line and sinker. I’m a keeper so let me know if you ever need someone who loves you for you and feels totally safe telling you anything at this pony so being around you one day would not be a problem as I’d trust you and I do now entirely with my heart that bestd so imperfectly for you. Let me know if you need someone to just hang out with as thensekves as I can be since you helped me now it’s my turn to help you. Goodnight and good morning


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