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Josh et Vanessa en entrevue avec Adelaide Now

Lors de leur passage en Australie pour la promotion de Voyage au Centre de la Terre 2 : L’île Mystérieuse, Josh Hutcherson et Vanessa Hudgens ont accordé une interview à Adelaide Now.

Voici ci-dessous les question posées par le journaliste de Adelaide Now:

You spent two hours with fans at the Aussie premiere of your film Journey 2: The Mysterious Island.

Josh Hutcherson: It was quite a long, ah, journey. I’ve never had fans be more nice and so genuinely meaning ‘thank you’ when they said it.

Josh, do you get the impression the business would like to keep you as the Zathura or Bridge to Terabithia boy forever?

JH: They’re OK with us growing up. Since I first started, my goal was to act forever. I knew the transition from child actor into adult actor is one that not everyone gets the luxury of making and some fizzle out. It’s about finding the right scripts, doing things that are different, not getting typecast.

Will you still be doing it when you’re pushing 80, like your Journey 2 co-star Michael Caine?

JH: For sure. Seeing him on set, young at heart and free-spirited, it’s cool to know that even when I’m older and grown-up, I can still act that way.
VH: This is what we love doing, so why stop what you’re doing just because of age?

Did you ask Sir Michael to adopt you?

VH: We did!
JH: We asked if we could be his grandchildren, and I think he said… ‘No’. (Laughs) No, he was definitely on board.

When you first meet in the film, it’s a classic boy’s jaw drops as girl shakes hair in slo-mo moment. Does that ever happen in real life?

JH: Vanessa always pulls her hats off in slow motion, so it happens to her all the time.
VH: The slo-mo thing? Not so much.
JH: Maybe you have guys looking at you and you just don’t know it – they’re like ‘What!’ and you’re like, boom, looking off all beautiful and you have no idea. It’s very possible.
VH: It is possible.
JH: I know you won’t say it, because that’d be too …
VH: (Sticks nose in air, acts hoity-toity) Hmm, hmm, hmm!

Dwayne Johnson did say you were both humble.

VH: That’s how my momma raised me!
JH: In the end, I don’t get why you aren’t humble. It’s just a job. Yeah, I get to make movies, which is awesome, I agree, but I don’t know why I should be treated any differently than the next person.

Josh, four years after you did Journey to the Centre of the Earth, your character is now going through his rebellious teenager phase.
Have you been through that?

JH: I didn’t have an angry, rebellious stage. My parents were always very easy-going and liberal, so I never really had much to rebel against.

What about Vanessa?

JH: She’s still a rebel.
VH: I feel like I did what I want as a teen, I still do what I want and I’m gonna continue to do what I want (laughs).

You ride giant bees and run away from giant lizards and erupting volcanoes in Journey 2. Any injuries?

VH: I got a good whiplash, which hurt. I couldn’t look left or right for the next couple of days.
JH: That was pretty funny.

Dwayne wiggles his giant pecs at you in the film, Josh.

JH: It was hilarious, he can make his boobs jump up and down.
VH: His pecs have such great comedic timing.
JH: He can do a beat with them. Very impressive. Vanessa can do it, too.
VH: No I can’t.

Is it true Dwayne has a bodyguard, even though he’s bigger than any bodyguard?

JH: I don’t know if it’s his bodyguard, but he definitely has his entourage guys/friends/assistants that could rip people in half if they needed to.
VH: Who are the same size as him, practically.
JH: Yeah, there’s him and his assistant and his other assistant and they’re all like 6’4″ and huge. You walk into the room with them and you’re like, ‘Jesus, I feel insignificant as a human right now’.

Josh, people have your upcoming film The Hunger Games, based on Suzanne Collins’ novel, pegged as the next Twilight-style phenomenon. Did it feel like a big deal on set?

JH: Honestly, the build-up to that was the biggest thing. I’ve never connected with a character more in my life and felt like I had to act less. It was kind of weird. Like, ‘Suzanne Collins, how did you know me? How do you know what I stand for? This is crazy!’

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